China International Investors Association


CHINA INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS ASSOCIATION, was founded in 2018 in Cyprus, the nature of the Association is non profitable public organization.

The key members of the association include Chinese and industry elites with senior European and American background and experience, covering mainstream industries such as culture, finance,
law, medical & health, technology, shipping, and real estate etc.

Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to promote and create an international cooperation and exchange platform for various fields in China and European countries, the Eastern Mediterranean and the surrounding areas; to establish channels for information and communication; to develop and strengthen strategic cooperation partnerships in various industries and to give full play to the association as an international bridge and link to share resources and develop together.

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Our Objective

The main objectives of the Association are to promote China, European countries and the Eastern Mediterranean cultural and other fields exchanges, strengthen friendly relationship between each other; establish the international experts think-tank for the Association, organize experts in research and inspection activities, to provide members with professional training, expert lecture , recommend investment projects and cooperation partners; promote Chinese culture and related industrial resources, and encourage members to participate in key cultural and artistic cooperation projects; regularly organize influential cultural exchanges between China and European countries and the Eastern Mediterranean region; from time to time organize special reports, seminars, cultural and art networking activities for related communities; according to the needs of the members and people, organize various types of business inspection, research, product promotion and other exchange and exhibition activities.

Through the international cooperation platform set up by the association and the related industry alliance to be established, the association can not only provide resources and information sharing for Chinese enterprises and businessmen in European countries and the Eastern Mediterranean, but also vice versa. An organized, international and high-level business resources, policies, regulations and information services platform built through the Association, will provide members more opportunities to expand their business and cooperation in China and international markets.

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Our Activities

One of the mayjor activities took place last year was that the Association has successfully organized the “2nd Cyprus Chinese Cultural Festival” and “1st China Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition“, as well as “Two Millenniums of Maritime Silk Road – Art Works Exhibition, European Tour“.

The organizers are:
• China International Investors Association
• Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus
• Limassol Municipality

The event is co-organized with:
• The Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Cyprus
• Xi’an Performing Arts Group
• Chinese National Academy of Arts
• Shenzhen University Ocean Art Research Center
• Xi’an Polytechnic University School of Fashion and Art Design
• Beijing Tourism Group
• China QuanJu De Group
• China Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Group) Co., Ltd.
• Jingdezhen City Industry and Information Technology Committee
• Cyprus Tourism Organization
• China-Cyprus International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
• Cyprus-China Culture and Communication Association (CCCA)

The event took place between September 29th and October 1st, 2018.

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